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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've never been to a wedding...

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When: Saturday March 10, 2012

Dress: Dorians (Panama)
Shoes: BBB (Panama)
Clutch: El Costo (Panama)
Earrings and ring set: Borrowed from my mom
Other ring: Present from my parents for my 15th birthday

The wedding of a friend's sister

I've never been to a wedding until today! (Hard to believe, I know). I was so excited when I heard the whole family was invited. I was even more excited at the idea of dressing up since I don't get too many occasions to do that. I've been wanting to wear this dress for several months now, I'm so happy I finally got to wear it.
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I really love the movement of the dress and the color. The dress was especially spectacular when I would walk. The bottom of the dress is designed to open up and move with the wind. When I would walk from one place to another, I would get a whole lot of stares... hihi. I felt so glamorous, I wish I could dress like this everyday!
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  1. Waoooo!! Se te ve simplemente hermoso! Me encanta el color, el movimiento, los zapatos se ven demasiado cools y las prenda le caen perfecto. Tu peinado te quedo suuuper!

  2. You are so beautiful! :X

  3. What a fabulous dress - i love the "movement"
    this color looks great on your skin tone :)

  4. oh fun. Bet there will be lots more of those in the next few years. You look lovely.

  5. omg, u look great!!! (: tnks a lot for ur lovely comment ^-^

    xx from 

  6. No wonder you got so many looks!  This is very "runway"!  Gorgeous.

  7. So BEAUTIFUL! And I love the hair and the shoes!

  8. Marie,  you look GORGEOUS ! I love the hair ! Could you do a tutorial ?? You probably looked prettier than the bride !

  9. You. Look. STUNNING! Such a beautiful dress. You make it look gorgeous! I also want to know about that hair style!

  10. You and that dress...absolutely gorgeous!!


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