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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bright red jeans

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When: Thursday May 10, 2012

Striped tee: Jonathan Z. (Panama)
Jeans: Estampa (Panama)
Shoes: Via Vai (Panama)
Necklace: Pasarela (Panama)
Faux pearl ring:
Blue rock ring:
Sunglasses: Pasarela (Panama)

Work + Hung out with my boyfriend eating yummy goodies and watching movies on TV

I've been wanting a pair of red jeans for sooooo long now! I'm so happy to have finally found a pair that looked good on me. I want to pair these bright red babies with everything now :)

May 10 (5)  

Here are a couple of the ways in which I've worn this faux pearl necklace: 05 May 10


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