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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finca Dracula in Volcan (Day 3, Part 1)

DSC03597 DSC03637 

Here are some photos of our third and last day in Volcan in the Chiriqui Provence of Panama. We started the day off by exploring the surroundings of our cabin. There were so many flowers, ducks, ponds, and rivers to explore. Everything was just so beautiful!

DSC03575 DSC03583 DSC03613 DSC03606 DSC03586 DSC03631 DSC03698

Today I went with yet another comfy outfit for a day filled with activities. You can be expecting a lot of jeans and casual outfits for the next couple of days! Hopefully it will be a nice change from my usual dresses and skirts ;)

DSC03645 DSC03669 DSC03648 DSC03671 DSC03702 

{Shirt: ? (Panama)  ;  Jeans: Guess  ;  Coat: Forever 21 (old)  ;  Boots: Present from my boyfriend}

Later in the day, we went to a flower and orchid farm called Finca Dracula. This is the home to the largest collection of rare orchids in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world.

DSC03758 DSC03768 DSC03772DSC03774 DSC03766 DSC03745

This place was like a little peace of heaven on Earth. There were flowers and plants everywhere you looked. Everything was decorated so beautifully with cute passageways and relaxing rivers.

DSC03786 DSC03781 DSC03775 DSC03802 DSC03791 DSC03776 DSC03815 DSC03811 DSC03808

Everywhere you turned there was something new and beautiful to see. I mean, they even had a small waterfall for crying out loud! I wish I could live in a place like this someday ;)

DSC03819 DSC03825 DSC03829 DSC03834 DSC03849 DSC03843

As usual, I had an amazing time with my family. Its hard NOT to have fun when I'm with such nice and fun people like my family. 

Hope you are all enjoying these photos of our vacations! 



  1. Finca Dracula was one of my favorite places we visited in Panama - and also a great story from our trip since we made a wrong turn on the way and nearly drove to the Panama/Costa Rica border the first time we tried to go. Not to worry, we found it the next day, and it was completely worth the trip! Beautiful photos, and what a nice cabin!

  2. I love these pictures! Do I ever not love your pictures? haha. But really, that one of the hydrangea is GORGEOUS! Those are my favorite flowers ever, and you captured in it such a pretty way. Light blue is so pretty. :)

  3. Your coat is gorgeous and these pics are so vibrant. You look gorgeous :)


  4. Hey, where is your sister's dress from ? I like her outfit.

  5. Oh the orchid place - ! i've read about it and have always wanted to go - it's all so very pretty and dreamlike :)

  6.  Hahahah oh dear, that's such a funny story Kimberly!! I can totally relate though, directions are pretty confusing in Volcan (not that many signs and such). Glad you found it in the end! It's so cool to think we were both in the same place right? I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it so much :)

  7.  Aaaawww, thank you Ali!!! I'm so so happy to hear you like my pictures! Sometimes I wonder if I should post these type of photos or just stick to outfit pictures. So it makes me very happy to hear you enjoy them ;)

  8.  Thank you Lorena!! It was indeed soooooooooooo pretty, you should definitely visit someday!

  9. I just love visiting gardens. It's great we can get a little taste of this beautiful orchid garden through your blog. By the way, you have such a beautiful family! (Also, FIY, I linked to one of your blog posts, the one about the pear shape tips - those are some great tips, I use them all the time!) xx Paula

  10. Hello!!! I love her outfit too!!! I just asked her where its from, and she says she doesn't remember (sorry about that). I asked her to check the label on the dress tonight, so perhaps I'll have an answer for you tomorrow :)

  11. Great photos! Loving your coat and boots!


  12. Wow, it looks so beautiful there!! Really like your floral coat.
    xx Allie

  13. Such gorgeous photos! The gardens look lovely, I would have to make sure to take extra allergy medicine for the trip with that many flowers! haha. 
    But I do love visiting gardens. It's ok that you are wearing jeans - I actually wear them all the time outside of work. Come to think of it- I mostly wear jeans or shorts than dresses or skirts- outside of work anyways. 

  14. What a colorful life you have!

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C,
    x Kelley of Stylesmiths

  15. Love your coat & your pictures are beautiful.

  16. Hi!!! Ok, so my sister finally figured out where the dress is from. My mom bought it for her from Forever 21. If you have any other questions, please let me know :)

  17. Thank you for finding it out =)

  18. Aaaww Paula, you are just too nice!! Thank you so much for all your sweet words. And I'm SOOO happy to hear that you enjoyed my tips for dressing pear shaped women!! I'm no expert on the subject, but I'm glad that what I have adviced works for you. YAI! And thanks SO much for linking to my post, I'm so flattered!

  19.  Thank you so much Allie!! It was indeed so so pretty there!

  20. We are both alike then!! I actually wear jeans very often, but don't blog about them that much. I also get a lot of allergies easily, so I have to take medicine when visiting gardens.

  21.  Thank you so so much Lailaa, I really appreciate it!


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